Life as it is – Working as an online writer

Close look on life as an online writer

The notion of working online was not my initial plan. If I really wanted to work with computers, programming, etc., I should have taken a computer or IT-related course after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, I took up a health-related course, specifically nursing.

On my current status, I can say that the course I took up in college was able to make my online work an easier task to handle day by day. Since I have always been engrossed with anything about computers and basic programming or software, I was able to slowly learn the ropes of blogging (or let’s say most of the basics). Still on a mission to further enhance my skills (on the search for useful sites for further guides and enhancement on related skills).

If you are wondering what my work is all about – it is simply blogging.


If I really wanted to work with computers, programming, etc., I should have taken a computer or IT-related course after graduating from high school.

Well, let’s say that it’s blogging with a purpose (of course, this is my way to earn money, to further develop my writing skills and make the most out of the nursing skills and knowledge I gained from school and experience in the field).

What my work is all about?

If you think that writing is easy – well, better think again. Actually, some might end up with a blank page in Microsoft Word or a piece of paper (I oftentimes end up in this situation), not knowing how to start. The key is to choose a focus to write on. In my case, since my work is mainly focused on first aid and health, I can choose any of the its related topics as my focus for the week.


Actually, some might end up with a blank page in Microsoft Word or a piece of paper, not knowing how to start

I select topics that I can relate to or something that I have experienced or handled before. Once this step is done, that is where writing starts until I can complete my quota for the week. After completing my work, I have to ensure that they are free from plagiarism (I use Copyscape Premium) to check my work. It comes at a price but the site will guarantee that your published articles do not have any similar phrases or sentences from other sources.

Do I need an inspiration?

Actually, the fact that writing is my source of income is enough as a motivation to keep writing. Aside from being work, writing helps expand my perspective and allows me to learn new information (of course, health-related topics).

What do I do during “free time”?

taking a break

The “free time” that I’m referring to is the time where I take a break from writing or research.

The “free time” that I’m referring to is the time where I take a break from writing or research. This is the time where I take a peek on social media sites such as Facebook, check on emails, catch up on the latest Funko pops available in the market, check on the beauty products on sale or reading articles from a variety of sources.

These activities can be considered as a distraction or a bonus. I can call them as a distraction because once I get preoccupied with Facebook (especially checking on Funko Pops) or browsing through a site that sells beauty products, it eats up a lot of time that should be spent on my work. So far, I was able to curb down this “free-time” to a minimum or do so when I’m already done with my work.

Being updated with the “latest” in what I love is definitely a boon, in my case that is. Of course, spending time on my “free time” must have limits or else I could not finish my work for the day.


Online writing

Make the most out of your talents!

There you have it – an overview on what my online work is all about. If you are planning to work online as a writer/blogger, it all depends on what truly interests you whether photos, arts or product reviews.

Feel free to share any insights on blogging or working online or any suggestions that you might want to share.


The only child

Is it lonely because you have no siblings to bond with or you simply find yourself all alone in your room playing with your toys?


The only child – playing all alone and board games seems to be a trivial issue on who to play with.

Depending on the household you grew up, being the only child surrounded by adults can be both a blessing and a sad reality. It can be blessing since you have all the attention that children crave for but the sad part is that you are the only child.

Are you the only child in the family? Well, count me in.

Let me introduced myself – a so-called only child with adults and dogs as playmates as a child. Might be labelled as a spoiled brat by “some” but it is inevitable. You cannot blame others if that is how they see me.

What are the perks?

As the only child in the household, there were advantages as far as I can recall. I was literally the “baby” of everybody. Almost all the things that I need were given, but not all (as opposed to being called a “spoiled brat”).

In simple terms, I was lucky to be given all the necessities in life with some of the bonuses of toys and other trinkets children love to indulge in. As an adult now, I am truly thankful for everything that my family has given to me.


Playtime with toys


Well, as stated earlier, I was the only child – thus I played on my own (occasionally accompanied by adults but it was different if there was another child I can play with). I had a variety of toys to keep me amused all day (Barbie, Polly Pocket, Lego bricks, dinosaur figures, etc.) and my so-called playmates at that age (a German Shepherd dog).

If compared to the childhood of other children, I can describe mine as deficient in terms of playmates since I was the only child. As you can see, I amused myself with my toys and until I reached the age where I dabbled on computers. It was then that I learned how to use one at an early age (4 years old). My engrossment to the early computer games led to my first head injury where I fell off my chair and my head had to undergo an X-ray to check if there are any problems. Luckily, I was okay and my childhood adventure continued.

What was your childhood like?

For those who are the only child in the family, feel free to share what your childhood was like. 🙂

Cry for Rain


Even as a child, I have tried writing poems for myself and during school contests. I would like to share one of the poems that I wrote when I was a senior in high school. Luckily, I was able to preserve my copy and here it is:


Cry for rain

Clouds cast their dark and gloomy faces,

Upon the unassuming folks of the parched and desolate regions.

A cool breeze upon the land followed,

As the leaves of the trees dance along to the silent melody it brings.


Slowly, the skies grew darker and gloomy.

It appears that carrying a heavy burden has taken its toll,

Upon the heavily burdened clouds that used to be feather-like in appearance.

Now, it will be something special if it will release its burden upon the earth.


Not a drop of rain has satisfied the thirst of the land.

Waiting patiently to shower its grace,

Little by little, drops of rain finally fell.

In every direction you face, it has finally fallen.





Banate – A serene getaway

Despite the wide selection of beaches in Iloilo, Philippines, living in the city proper has posed as an issue for us. The best beaches are miles away, usually requiring up to 3-4 hours of land travel before reaching one of the pristine and secluded locations for a day trip or overnight stay.

As the summer season is drawing near, we were able to plan a weekend getaway to one of the coastal towns in Iloilo – Banate, Iloilo City.


The shore in CRCI Beach Resort in Banate

We were greeted by the warm sea breeze as we settled in our cottage. Luckily, the weather was great and it was sunny as usual.



CRCI Beach Resort Banate

After spending the morning basking in the warm waters of the beach, we visited the town proper before heading back to Iloilo.



Low tide in the afternoon.

Of course, our trip was not complete without the essential seafood delicacies. I was not able to take a photo of the crabs but only the large shrimps as part of our lunch.


Seafood in Banate

Our trip to Banate is truly worthwhile and has a lot of potential to become a summer spot in the future. If you want to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing weekend away from the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle in the city, Banate is definitely a town in Iloilo to add in your list.


True happiness in a face

What is true happiness?

In the hustle and bustle of this technological age, what actually makes us happy?

The answer depends on the person – personality, needs, wants, etc. Each and every one of us has something that genuinely evokes true happiness. Many are driven by the desire to acquire wealth in the form of real estate, gadgets, appliances, clothing, cosmetics, etc.

If you will look back to your younger years, what made you smile?


True happiness of a child – At Palina Greenbelt Ecopark, Brgy. Cablatan, Cagay, Roxas City

It can be as simple as the delight of enjoying the warm waters of a shallow bay with black sand in your hands.

If you surround yourself with objects (or even people) just to make up for an emptiness in your heart, it might not be true happiness at all.

Time to wake up


True happiness.

What truly makes you happy?

This is a wake up call to those who are actually wearing a mask of joy, when they are actually blue inside.

Take some time away from technology and work by spending a day in a tranquil island or bask under the warm sun in a scenic beach or simply spend time with family members. It might be time to go back and rediscover your true happiness.

If you are wondering where the first photo was taken, it was during our vacation last year at Palina Greenbelt Ecopark at Brgy. Cablatan, Cagay, Roxas City. The second photo is taken at Sampaguita Gardens in Kalibo, Aklan.

This is definitely a Face that is worth sharing.

A picture of pure and true happiness.


Motherhood – What is life?

It is not too late to greet every mother out “Happy Mother’s Day!” A mother has always been there from the start even up to a point where you already have your own family. You can count on your mom to listen to your secrets and heartaches as a youth up to family issues that are inevitable part of life.


Happy Mother’s Day

Just like with other first-time mothers out there, being a first-time mother can be tough. Obviously, there are a lot of changes I had to go through but I am glad to say that I am contented and happy where I am right now.

Missing the perks of youth

While some mothers still get to enjoy the perks enjoyed while young, most actually do not fully engage on these so-called thrills in life.

This is applicable to me since I rarely go out to parties, night outs or other thrills enjoyed by the youth today. Of course, some social events cannot be avoided, still they are fun but you will always have your family in mind. Understandably, it is not just about you anymore.

As a stay-at-home mother, I was able to watch over my child while working at the same time as an online writer. Actually, it was tough at first, since some do not grasp what my online work was all about. After some time, it was eventually accepted and I consider my work as a blessing.

Responsibilities, responsibilities

Of course, as a mother, the responsibility starts piling up and you have to face them all. Well, that is an inevitable aspect in life and I am steadily adjusting to the added load.


Happy Mother’s Day

All it takes is perseverance and patience as well as the mindset to make it through. Before you know it, you are simply playing out a regular routine in life.

Motherhood is definitely a blessing in a woman’s life regardless of other factors unique to each woman out there. Even though responsibilities pile up and fun is “not” fun anymore, at the end of each day, it is truly everything and worth it.

Once again, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all mothers out there. Just remember that it is not only one day to show how special your mother is, but make it a point that each and every day is special for her.

We all deserve a hobby

What is your hobby?

Gaming throughout the years

Even at a young age, I have always been a gaming enthusiast. It all started with my wish to get a hand-held “brick-game” from a mall. I always check out the stall, eying any of the games there. In no time, I was given one which I devotedly played on.


Classic Brick Game device.

Of course, my fascination did not stop there. My gaming needs just moved on to the next level. At that time, I was already immersed on computer (PC) games with some simple ones that kept me entertained for hours.

The next gadget that was given to me was a Family Computer where I played various games.


I was definitely a gamer and it eventually move on the next level – Gameboy by Nintendo.

When I first heard about this gaming device by Nintendo, I was eager to have one as well. I had mine back in 1996 and was able to play various games that provided me with hours of entertainment.

With the availability of other more advanced gaming consoles such as the PlayStation by Sony, I also wanted one but sad to say, I was not lucky at that time.

The Sims fever

Since I was not able to try out the other gaming consoles, I simply settled for PC games. I initially started playing first-person shooter games (Doom, Counter Strike) or even war games that involves tanks and airplanes. Later on, I discovered a game that became my all-time favorite until today – The Sims.


The Sims by EA Maxis was one of the PC games that brought out the gamer in me.


The Sims 2



The Sims 3 has greatly improved gameplay along with great expansion packs.

Until today, I am playing The Sims 3 but not that often anymore. Now that The Sims 4 is available in the market, I am planning to purchase one to try it out.

What I like most about The Sims games is the building mode. I have always enjoyed creating a house and arranging the furniture, appliances, etc. It is one part of the game that I literally spend hours on.


The Sims 4 is one of the much-awaited game last year.

Hopefully, I might be able to try out the latest games in the next coming months. Here is the system requirements for the game.


The Sims 4 system requirements

Aside from the usual hobbies that many enjoy such as reading, watching TV, shopping, etc., each of us has one hobby that truly speaks of oneself. As for me, I have always been a gaming enthusiast, I admit it. Well, there you have it, an overview of my gaming hobby throughout the years.