Writing throughout the years

Even as a child, I had my own journal where I jotted down events that occurred throughout the day. I recall that I meticulously list down everything I do – starting my day at home until how my day ended and everything that happened in between.


Writing has always been part of my life – as a hobby and a way to earn a living.

As I grew older, my journal writing was not so focused due to other activities that kept me preoccupied – school work, sports, computer. Still, small yet important details were written down in my journal.

Obviously, writing has always been part of my life from poems, articles and essays during the school years and until today, I am writing as a freelance writer, working on various topics used for online content on websites and also on my personal blog.

Even though some may say that writing is simple, it is not that simple as what they thought. Writing can be considered as an art and without the passion to write, starting a single line is difficult.

It simply means that you will truly excel if you love what you do. In my case, writing has always been part of my life until today.


It is not too late to start the year right

Even though it is already February, the last day of the month to be precise, it is not too late to start the year right. What was your New Year’s Resolution before 2013 ended? Is it to lose weight or cut down on your shopping sprees? Buy an item that you’ve always wanted or to save money?

New Year 2014 - save money

Starting the year 2014 right by saving money.

Regardless of what your resolutions are, have you actually accomplished them or managed to stick with them?

In my case, my New Year’s Resolution is simple and quite common among many individuals out there – to save money.

Actually, I managed to save a decent amount but expenses could not be avoided. On the other hand, it is a good improvement than last year.

When it comes to saving money, there are certain tips that I can share to those who are struggling in managing their expenses.

1. Cut down on your expenses – If you are already struggling with household expenses and credit bill payments, you might as well limit additional expenses such as impulsive buying.

2. Set aside money every pay day –  Even if you can allot a small amount, you will be surprised on how much you have saved.

So far, these two tips are essential if you want to start saving money. Hopefully, I could save more this year.

Do you have other money-saving tips to share? Feel free to share other ways on how to save money.