How time flies

It is already March and it sure is surprising how time flies so fast. Well, you cannot stop time and that is a fact that everybody should be well aware of.

TIme is indeed precious.

You can look back in the past and reminisce both the good times and the bad times.  But is there are point in your life where you feel so happy that you want to stop time?

Well, in my case, I find it difficult to choose when I will recall the good old days in my childhood when I truly had a great time with my family and friends.


We all have our own share of low and bad times in our lives. For me, it was quite a turmoil but I have managed to pass through the so-called “dark days” of my life.

If I am given the power to choose a point in my life and stop time, I would have to decline the offer. The reason is that I am already happy and contented with my life even though there are still minor setbacks along the way.

For me, contentment is the key but you can still aim for higher goals and dreams but make sure that you can reach them without giving up in the middle.