Motherhood – What is life?

It is not too late to greet every mother out “Happy Mother’s Day!” A mother has always been there from the start even up to a point where you already have your own family. You can count on your mom to listen to your secrets and heartaches as a youth up to family issues that are inevitable part of life.


Happy Mother’s Day

Just like with other first-time mothers out there, being a first-time mother can be tough. Obviously, there are a lot of changes I had to go through but I am glad to say that I am contented and happy where I am right now.

Missing the perks of youth

While some mothers still get to enjoy the perks enjoyed while young, most actually do not fully engage on these so-called thrills in life.

This is applicable to me since I rarely go out to parties, night outs or other thrills enjoyed by the youth today. Of course, some social events cannot be avoided, still they are fun but you will always have your family in mind. Understandably, it is not just about you anymore.

As a stay-at-home mother, I was able to watch over my child while working at the same time as an online writer. Actually, it was tough at first, since some do not grasp what my online work was all about. After some time, it was eventually accepted and I consider my work as a blessing.

Responsibilities, responsibilities

Of course, as a mother, the responsibility starts piling up and you have to face them all. Well, that is an inevitable aspect in life and I am steadily adjusting to the added load.


Happy Mother’s Day

All it takes is perseverance and patience as well as the mindset to make it through. Before you know it, you are simply playing out a regular routine in life.

Motherhood is definitely a blessing in a woman’s life regardless of other factors unique to each woman out there. Even though responsibilities pile up and fun is “not” fun anymore, at the end of each day, it is truly everything and worth it.

Once again, “Happy Mother’s Day!” to all mothers out there. Just remember that it is not only one day to show how special your mother is, but make it a point that each and every day is special for her.


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