Life through the eyes of an ordinary individual. As ordinary it may seem, these insights can provide you with a different viewpoint in life – as well as useful tips and information on topics that my life revolves on — daily experiences, hobbies, gadgets, health. etc.


In an attempt to make my life spent in front of my laptop a lot more productive, I now present my official blog. Hopefully, this time I will be more vocal (in words) regarding my views in life.

Each of us has their own viewpoint in life that we should at least try to respect. It is a known fact that critics are always around the corner but that is just part of life that we have to contend with.

Depending on the information that you need, you will find a variety of topics that might spark an interest and provide you with tidbits of information that you might need.

Feel free to browse through my posts and leave a positive/negative remark whether to correct an information or provide further insight.








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