We all deserve a hobby

What is your hobby?

Gaming throughout the years

Even at a young age, I have always been a gaming enthusiast. It all started with my wish to get a hand-held “brick-game” from a mall. I always check out the stall, eying any of the games there. In no time, I was given one which I devotedly played on.


Classic Brick Game device.

Of course, my fascination did not stop there. My gaming needs just moved on to the next level. At that time, I was already immersed on computer (PC) games with some simple ones that kept me entertained for hours.

The next gadget that was given to me was a Family Computer where I played various games.


I was definitely a gamer and it eventually move on the next level – Gameboy by Nintendo.

When I first heard about this gaming device by Nintendo, I was eager to have one as well. I had mine back in 1996 and was able to play various games that provided me with hours of entertainment.

With the availability of other more advanced gaming consoles such as the PlayStation by Sony, I also wanted one but sad to say, I was not lucky at that time.

The Sims fever

Since I was not able to try out the other gaming consoles, I simply settled for PC games. I initially started playing first-person shooter games (Doom, Counter Strike) or even war games that involves tanks and airplanes. Later on, I discovered a game that became my all-time favorite until today – The Sims.


The Sims by EA Maxis was one of the PC games that brought out the gamer in me.


The Sims 2



The Sims 3 has greatly improved gameplay along with great expansion packs.

Until today, I am playing The Sims 3 but not that often anymore. Now that The Sims 4 is available in the market, I am planning to purchase one to try it out.

What I like most about The Sims games is the building mode. I have always enjoyed creating a house and arranging the furniture, appliances, etc. It is one part of the game that I literally spend hours on.


The Sims 4 is one of the much-awaited game last year.

Hopefully, I might be able to try out the latest games in the next coming months. Here is the system requirements for the game.


The Sims 4 system requirements

Aside from the usual hobbies that many enjoy such as reading, watching TV, shopping, etc., each of us has one hobby that truly speaks of oneself. As for me, I have always been a gaming enthusiast, I admit it. Well, there you have it, an overview of my gaming hobby throughout the years.