The only child

Is it lonely because you have no siblings to bond with or you simply find yourself all alone in your room playing with your toys?


The only child – playing all alone and board games seems to be a trivial issue on who to play with.

Depending on the household you grew up, being the only child surrounded by adults can be both a blessing and a sad reality. It can be blessing since you have all the attention that children crave for but the sad part is that you are the only child.

Are you the only child in the family? Well, count me in.

Let me introduced myself – a so-called only child with adults and dogs as playmates as a child. Might be labelled as a spoiled brat by “some” but it is inevitable. You cannot blame others if that is how they see me.

What are the perks?

As the only child in the household, there were advantages as far as I can recall. I was literally the “baby” of everybody. Almost all the things that I need were given, but not all (as opposed to being called a “spoiled brat”).

In simple terms, I was lucky to be given all the necessities in life with some of the bonuses of toys and other trinkets children love to indulge in. As an adult now, I am truly thankful for everything that my family has given to me.


Playtime with toys


Well, as stated earlier, I was the only child – thus I played on my own (occasionally accompanied by adults but it was different if there was another child I can play with). I had a variety of toys to keep me amused all day (Barbie, Polly Pocket, Lego bricks, dinosaur figures, etc.) and my so-called playmates at that age (a German Shepherd dog).

If compared to the childhood of other children, I can describe mine as deficient in terms of playmates since I was the only child. As you can see, I amused myself with my toys and until I reached the age where I dabbled on computers. It was then that I learned how to use one at an early age (4 years old). My engrossment to the early computer games led to my first head injury where I fell off my chair and my head had to undergo an X-ray to check if there are any problems. Luckily, I was okay and my childhood adventure continued.

What was your childhood like?

For those who are the only child in the family, feel free to share what your childhood was like. 🙂