Cry for Rain


Even as a child, I have tried writing poems for myself and during school contests. I would like to share one of the poems that I wrote when I was a senior in high school. Luckily, I was able to preserve my copy and here it is:


Cry for rain

Clouds cast their dark and gloomy faces,

Upon the unassuming folks of the parched and desolate regions.

A cool breeze upon the land followed,

As the leaves of the trees dance along to the silent melody it brings.


Slowly, the skies grew darker and gloomy.

It appears that carrying a heavy burden has taken its toll,

Upon the heavily burdened clouds that used to be feather-like in appearance.

Now, it will be something special if it will release its burden upon the earth.


Not a drop of rain has satisfied the thirst of the land.

Waiting patiently to shower its grace,

Little by little, drops of rain finally fell.

In every direction you face, it has finally fallen.